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Paisley Photographic Society

Syllabus 2018 - 2019



         7           Opening Night

       14           How to prepare digital Images for competitions    

       21           Wild At Heart A Photographers Journey                   Gordon Rae

       28           South East Asia                                                        John McVie


         5           How to prepare prints for competitions                                                                  

       12           People & Places.                                                                 Bill Terrance                            

       19           Members Night 

       26           Prints Past & Present Darkroom to Digital                           Hunter Kennedy 


 Handing In Dates

      12th October  Handing In for 1st Bi-Monthly Digital Images

      19th October  Handing In for 1st Bi-Monthly Prints


         2          First Bi-Monthly Competition - Prints                                                                      

         9           First Bi Monthly Competition - Digital Images

       16           And Now For Something Completely Different.                    David Sadler

       23           Kayaking Round The Islands.                                              Hugh Kerr   

       30           Instruction Night - The Camera


Handing In Dates

       16th November Handing in for Jack Yule October


         7           Jack Yule Competition   

       14           Christmas Raffle     

       21           No Meeting   

       28           No Meeting   


         4           No Meeting   

       11           The Wild West .                                                                  Robert Quig  

       18           President's Night.                                                               George Glover      

       25           Holiday Snaps                                                                    Rod Wheelans & Anne Greiner      


Handing In Dates

      25th January  Handing In for 2nd Bi-Monthly Digital Images



         1           Studio Night                                                                                                              

         8           Before & After                                                                    Libby Smith  

       15           Second Bi Monthly Competition - Digital Images   

       22           Second Bi Monthly Competition - Prints                                                                            


Handing In Dates

       1st February  Handing In for 2nd Bi-Monthly Digital Images


         1          Members Participation Night.                                               John Murray                                      

         8           This That & The Other                                                        Roy Smith    

       15           Members Night 

       22           Annual Exhibition Digital Images    

       29          SPF International Salon of Photography 2017 CD Lecture 


Handing In Dates

      1st March Handing In for Annual Digital Images/Ian Milliken
  15th March Handing In for Annual Prints


         5           Annual Exhibition Prints  

       12           AGM

       19           No Meeting (Good Friday)    

       26           Presentation of Prizes