Syllabus 2017 - 18



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1Opening Night
15Photography My Way - Peter Paterson
22Early Relationships with Judges - Eddie Telford
29Glasgow's Hidden Treasures - David Walker

6Lecture Gerry Ward
** Handing in: 1st Bimonthly Prints **
13Photographing Girls - Douglas Harris
** Handing in: 1st Bimonthly Digital Images **
20Street Photogaphy, Landscapes or People & Places - Stephen Cosh
27The River Clyde & Beyond - Anne-Marie Westwood

3First Bi-Monthly Print Competition - Judge: Bob Wark
** Handing in: Jack Yule Competition **
10First Bi Monthly Digital Image Competition - Judge: Gordon McMann
17Mountain Man - Colin Prior
24Not Another Boring AV Night

1Four Days in Iceland/Making the Most of Images - Ken Lindsay
8Jack Yule Competition - Judge: Allan Donaldson LRPS
15Christmas Raffle
22No Meeting
29No Meeting

5President's Night
12You Be The Judge - Neil McGregor
19Aviation - Guy Philips
26People & Places - Bill Terrance
** Handing in: 2nd Bimonthly Digital Images **

2Studio Night
** Handing in: 2nd Bimonthly Prints **
9Glasgow Above Eye Level - Hamish Williamson
16Second Bi Monthly Digital Image Competition - Judge: Bob Wark
23Second Bi Monthly Print Competition - Judge: Roy Gibson
** Handing in: Annual Digital Images & Ian Milliken**

2This That & The Other - Roy Smith

9Members Night
16TBA - ** Handing in: Annual Prints **
23Annual Exhibition Digital Images - Judge: Marty McNaughton
30Good Friday - No Meeting

6Annual Exhibition Prints - Judge TBA
27Presentation of Prizes

Competition Handing in Dates
1st Bi-Monthly Prints
06 October
1st Bi-Monthly Digital Images
13 October
Jack Yule Trophy Digital Images
03 November
2nd Bi-Monthly Digital Images
26 January
2nd Bi-Monthly Prints
02 February
Ian Milliken Competition
23 February
Annual Digital Images
23 February
Annual Prints
02 March

Detailed information regarding all competitions is available in your Members Handbook.

Failure to read and follow the instructions properly will result in you being bludgeoned to death with a digital projector by a grumpy projectionist.

John Murray - Syllabus Secretary