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Paisley Photographic Society

Syllabus 2018 - 2019



         7           Opening Night

       14           How to prepare digital Images for competitions    

       21           Wild At Heart A Photographers Journey                              Gordon Rae

       28           South East Asia                                                                  John McVie




         5           How to prepare prints for competitions                                                                  

       12           People & Places.                                                                 Bill Terrance                            

       19           To Be Announced   

       26           Prints Past & Present Darkroom to Digital                           Hunter Kennedy 


 Handing In Dates

       5th October  Handing In for 1st Bi-Monthly Digital Images

      12th October  Handing In for 1st Bi-Monthly Prints






         2          First Bi-Monthly Competition - Prints                                                                      

         9           First Bi Monthly Competition - Digital Images

       16           And Now For Something Completely Different.                    David Sadler

       23           Kayaking Round The Islands.                                              Hugh Kerr   

       30           Instruction Night - The Camera


Handing In Dates

       2nd November Handing in for Jack Yule October




         7           Jack Yule Competition   

       14           Christmas Raffle     

       21           No Meeting   

       28           No Meeting   




         4           No Meeting   

       11           The Wild West .                                                                  Robert Quig  

       18           President's Night.                                                               George Glover      

       25           Holiday Snaps                                                                    Rod Wheelans & Anne Greiner      


Handing In Dates

      25th January  Handing In for 2nd Bi-Monthly Digital Images




         1           Studio Night                                                                                                              

         8           Before & After                                                                    Libby Smith  

       15           Second Bi Monthly Competition - Digital Images   

       22           Second Bi Monthly Competition - Prints                                                                            


Handing In Dates

       1st February  Handing In for 2nd Bi-Monthly Print Images

      22th October   Handing In for Annual Digital Images




         1          Members Participation Night.                                               John Murray                                      

         8           This That & The Other                                                        Roy Smith    

       15           To Be Announced   

       22           Annual Exhibition Digital Images    

       29           No Meeting


Handing In Dates

       1st March  Handing In for Annual Prints




         5           Annual Exhibition Prints  

       12           AGM

       19           SPF International Salon of Photography 2017 CD Lecture     

       26           Presentation of Prizes