Friday the 2nd of March Club Meeting Cancelled

This week’s club meeting on Friday the 2nd of March has been cancelled due to the adverse weather conditions we are currently experiencing.

Mike Best

Photo Exhibition

Masters of Print 2017

Congratulations to Clive on winning a Silver Medal (Gwen Charnock Award) for "Auschwitz Revisited" in the Masters of Print 2017.

Mike Best

Colin Prior

Colin Prior was superb last Friday night at Coats Memorial, beautiful photographs and a funny and informative commentary. I can highly recommend inviting Colin to your club - camera or otherwise - as you will be in for a real treat.

Mike Best

Colin Prior - 17th November 2017

Proposed Development of Coats Memorial Church.

This is the architects plans for the proposed development of the Church. If you have any problems reading the PDF below you can download the file HERE.

George Glover

Photographing Coats Memorial Church

Following Friday night's walk around the church the following “areas of interest” have been suggested by Keith; 360° image of interior. Centred in front of the communion table. It would involve about 16 images that would be stitched. Lighting of the roof would be required. To ensure the stained-glass windows can be seen there would need to be multiple exposures.

Detail of the pulpit. Lighting of the carvings.
Details of the chancel, metal and wood, roof, font and floor.
Carvings at end of transepts.
Internal door details including the hinge details with engravings.
Carvings around doors at chancel.
Window tracery.
Minister’s office including pictures and electric fire in the fire place.
Details of table, wall coverings and window.
Vestry and toilet, requires very wide angle lens.

This does not include any details of the outside.

For this coming Friday it has been proposed that we begin photographing some of these areas.

Joe Reilly

Digital Art



George Glover

Summer Project 2017

Following a discussion at last Friday's meeting it was suggested that as a summer project we look at creating a photographic record of the church both externally and internally. I have contacted Allan Driver and he has agreed to give us access to the interior of the church. So if you are interested in taking part in this summer project let me know.

George Glover

Invite to Photography Exhibition

George Glover

Fiona McEwen

I have learned this morning of the death on Friday of Fiona McEwen, wife of Duncan McEwen both were long-time members of Paisley Colour and friends to Paisley Photographic Society.

We send our thoughts and sympathy to Duncan and his family.

Dr Robert Brown