Rules for Members
Non members are not allowed to use the Society equipment.

Members using the Society’s equipment must enter their name, the apparatus used and any comment found necessary in the book provided for that purpose.

Before using any of the Society’s equipment each member must familiarize themselves with the instructions provided for the equipment and prove themselves competent to use such equipment. If in any doubt guidance must be obtained from the Property/Equipment Convener or any committee member.

No Professional or Semi Professional work shall be carried out on Society premises.

The following checks must be carried out before leaving the premises.

1. No rubbish is left lying around.
2. No water is left running.
3. All electric plugs are removed.
4. All lights are switched off.
5. All lockable doors including cupboard doors are secured.

Any breakages or damages must be reported to the Property/Equipment Convener and recorded in the book provided.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises.

Members found breaking any of these rules will be subject to disciplinary proceedings as set out in sections 3.5 and 3.6 of the Constitution.

If an emergency occurs members must notify the committee at the earliest convenience.

The premises are leased from 19.00 to 22.00 every Tuesday with the exception of Christmas and New Year.