Data Protection Policy
Paisley Photographic Society is established with the objects set out in its constitution, and is a data controller within the UK. The personal information referred to in this Policy may include name, contact details, service records, records of entries to events, photographs at events, and such other information as may be necessary for the effective management of the legitimate interests of the Club. Any person wishing to verify the information held by the Club may apply to the Treasurer.

The Club collects and holds personal information about:

1. The Committee and its Members; others who assist, and those offering their services to other Clubs or the SPF*/PAGB* communities (e.g. as Judges or Lecturers). This information is used to facilitate administration of the Club, its services and events.

The information (Name, Photo Distinctions, Address, Telephone Number, email address (& Club if applicable)) is compiled electronically, or as a PDF, and only available to Committee Members.

Limited data (Usually Name, Club and email address) is used electronically by the Committee; for secure website log-in, and to circulate information for administration or event purposes. e.g. emails re events, details of Competitions, and/or information. (Most emails via Mailchimp or by Committee Members).

The contact details of Club officials allocated to provide particular services may be published generally, including on our website, and on event paperwork or in the Club syllabus/flyer as permitted.

Additionally information will be held on prospective members for administration purposes for a limited time.

2. Photographers, as Image Makers, participating in the activities of the Club, including external events. (Normally for Club entries; only Name, Photo Distinctions, Club are required to go with submitted photographs) (in addition email address and phone number are required for Club Competition Secretaries).

This information is managed subject to the event or competition rules, and includes participation in SPF, PAGB events - “Any photographs submitted may be selected to represent the Club. By virtue of submitting an entry the entrant certifies the work as his own and permits the Club to reproduce all or part of the entered material free of charge for publication and /or display in media related to the Competition, including on website or by circulation to the Clubs. The Photographer of each image will normally be credited with any use. The Club assumes no liability for any misuse of copyright.”

“By entering, the Photographer consents to the retention by the Club of information identifying the Photographer as the creator of an Image. Where a Federation or Club is the Entrant on behalf of multiple Photographers, then the Entrant warrants that each Photographer has consented to the retention of identifying information as if the Photographer had entered in person.”

3. Others necessary for the conduct of the business of the Club. This information is used to satisfy a requested service or a contractual requirement, and may be retained to confirm the outcome.

The Club may retain historical archives for example but not limited to, records of meetings, handbooks, catalogues, prints and images, awards and other event results.

* SPF – Scottish Photographic Federation; PAGB – Photographic Alliance of Great Britain

This was accepted as club policy on 5th October 2018.