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Paisley Photographic Society

Members Handbook 2018 - 2019




1     Society Objectives


1.1   The name of the society will be “Paisley Photographic Society”


1.2   The object of the society will be the promotion between its members of the following:


1.2.1       The study and practice of the art of photography.


1.2.2       To organize classes, lectures, demonstrations and club outings covering photographic topics.


1.2.3       To hold exhibitions and include any other related activities to the benefit of the members.


2     Management of the Society


2.1   The affairs of the society will be managed by a committee consisting of the following positions:



2.2   The committee may co-opt additional members to the committee, as the need arises.


2.3   In the absence of the President the committee shall elect its own Chairperson.


2.4   Committee meetings of the society will be held bi-monthly between August and April when 6 (60%) of the members will form a quorum. August, October, December, February, April.


2.5   Should there be any occasion when the committee is evenly divided on any particular issue the President or acting Chairperson shall have a deliberate and casting vote.


2.6   The committee reserve the right to decide whether a member should be classified as Beginner or Advanced for the purpose of entering the internal competitions of the Society.


2.7   The President is elected at the AGM for a period of 2 years.